Gudelines for Submission


Official Newsletter of the Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association

‘Connection,’ as the name suggests, aims at bringing together thoughts of APOA members of diverse backgrounds and helping in networking among orthopaedic surgeons. It seeks to engage vibrant surgeons to portray their ideas to colleagues across the globe.

The Newsletter is published thrice a year, in January, May, and October

Who can contribute?

Any member of the APOA who is keen to contribute is welcome to express their thoughts in CONNECTION. The Committee will also invite Non-Members to contribute on specific topics, and this will be by Invitation.

Guidelines for Submission (Including Tips to make them more effective!)

  1. Articles on Activities within committees, innovations, or practices of orthopaedics specific to various regions are welcome.

  2. Kindly give an appropriate title that will depict the content inside.

  3. Submission of Articles in Microsoft Word is recommended. Articles only in English are accepted. Kindly spell-check your manuscript before submission.

  4. Words Count recommendations vary according to the type of article. However, most often published articles vary between 500 - 700 words.

  5. Illustrated articles are highly recommended and appreciated. We encourage images, tables, and drawings (keeping copyright in consideration). Kindly limit to 3 figures and two tables if used. Adding quotations at various appropriate sections of the manuscript is recommended.

  6. ‘Authors must consider copyright’- Please take the legal right to copy international regulations into consideration (e.g., plagiarism, photos downloaded from the internet, etc.). Kindly read and for better understanding.

  7. All references mentioned in the ‘Reference List’ are cited in the text, and vice versa. The references must be numbered in the same order in which they appear in the manuscript. Kindly limit to 5 references.

  8. All Submissions will be reviewed by the Editorial team and be published only after their approval.

  9. A recent photo of the author(s) to be published beside the name(s), title, and position is recommended (Professional photo with a white background is preferred)

Kindly submit your Articles to us by e-mailing them to Kindly submit all contents in a Single MS Word file. We shall contact you for High resolution Images if needed.

Looking forward to your valuable contributions

CONNECTION Newsletter Editorial Team

Azeta Arif, Jamal Ashraf, Arif Khan, Asep Santoso, Baris Can Kuzuca, Maria Shelynn Wong, Raja Bhaskara Rajasekaran, , Ruba Jamal, Sarah O’Reilly