Message from The President

David Siew-Kit Choon, President APOA 2016-2018It has been my great privilege and pleasure to have served, as your president for just over a year now. In this time I have travelled a great deal representing our Association at various international, national and sectional meetings.

I am writing this note from Sendai, Japan on the occasion of the 90th Anniversary of the Japan Orthopaedic Association. The JOA has always been gracious to the APOA and has been an important partner in our development. Prof. Eiji Itoi, the Congress President has orchestrated a wonderful scientific and academic programme. It has been a great pleasure to meet the outgoing president of the JOA Prof. Keishi Marumo again together with senior professors such as Prof. Hiroshi Yamamoto, Prof. Yoshiharu Takemitsu and Prof. Shoichi Kokubun who have contributed much time and effort to supporting the APOA over many years.

The Trauma and Infection sections had their Congress in Putrajaya, Malaysia at the end of March this year. This was very successful with attendance of over 500 participants. We provided educational sessions for both doctors and paramedical staff. Our Council meeting was also held at the same time. I am very pleased to announce that the Japanese, Indonesian and Singapore Orthopaedic Associations have decided to become Federation members of the APOA. This is indeed a momentous step in our history. All three regions were founder Chapters and their support validates our relevance.

Also in March of this year I was invited to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery in which the Association was provided with a booth in a prominent location. We took up the offer and were heartened when we received many enquiries and expressions of interest in our society and the Antalya meeting. I think that this is a great opportunity for closer ties between our associations and should be continued.

The Asia Pacific Knee society, our knee section, had its 9th biennial congress in October 2016 in the jazz city of Yokohama. The meeting was packed with activity. There was a smooth transition of chairmanship from President Aree Tanavalee to President Tomoyuki Saito who was also the organising chairman and gracious host. The society continues to flourish and is a pillar of our Association. It is sad to note that Professor Tomihisa Koshino departed us before in may 2016. He was the founder of the section and a stalwart of the society. He will be greatly missed by all of us.

In September 2016 I was invited to the 37th annual congress of SICOT (International Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology) in Rome, Italy. It was very interesting to note that both the outgoing president, Prof. Keith Luk and the incoming president, Prof. S. Rajasekaran are active high profile members of our Association. This bodes well for future collaboration of our societies. There is already a high degree of interaction with Fellow exchanges and mutual invitations. As an example, Professor Kokubun organised a dinner for all of us here in Sendai where we discussed our common aims and hopes for the future.

Also in October I attended the Korean Orthopaedic Association meeting in Incheon. it was an auspicious occasion, being the 60th anniversary of the KOA. In that same month I attended the Australian orthopaedic Association meeting in Cairns and the Hong Kong orthopaedic association meeting. All these nations have been vital chapters in our history and I am pleased to announce that with the decision in Hong Kong to become a Federation member, all are now also federation members of our Association.

At the end of the year, I was present at the annual congresses of Philippines Orthopaedic Association, the Pakistan Orthopaedic Association and the Indian Orthopaedic Association.

It was heartening to note that in all these venues I met many stalwarts of our association who are dear friends of mine. I think that the future of collaboration and the cross fertilization of ideas, the main aim of our society, is very promising and will continue to grow. In India, I was humbled to be honoured by the Honorary Fellowship of the Indian Orthopaedic Association.

Later this month I will attend the EFORT meeting in Vienna where our very own Prof. Onder Aydingoz shall assume the Presidency.

Things are indeed looking bright for our association. We are forging greater relationships and bonds through fellowship and interchange of ideas. As a result of these meetings I hope that we can provide more fellowships and educational opportunities for our members in these challenging times.

Dr. David Choon
President 2016-2018