2024 APOA Congress Free Paper Submissions.

This is the homepage for all free paper submissions for the 23rd Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association's Congress hosted in Dubai, UAE.

If you haven't yet registered for the congress you can do so by visiting apoa2024dubai.com.

In addition to registering for the congress, to submit an abstract you must be signed into an APOAonline account. It's free to join and offers you more ways to explore APOAonline.com

Upon registering for the congress you should have received a code. This code can be entered above to confirm your registration and allow you to submit your free paper submission.

Submissions can either a piece of your active research pre-publication, or a published paper where you are one of the authors.

Your submission should include your paper's abstract, a PDF version of the full paper, and a short 5 minute video recording of yourself introducing your paper and its conclusions.

Once submitted, yours and every other submission will be added to our OpenLearning portal. OpenLearning is an online learning platform that will facilitate discussions of the free papers. You can find the link to OpenLearning below. Once there you will be able to view and discuss other papers as well as respond to questions posed to you about your own paper. These discussions will form the basis for the main Congress, allowing a more in-depth live discussion.

Course: 2024 APOA Congress Dubai - Free Paper Submission

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