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Tribute to Prof Koshino

Tomihisa Koshino

Professor Tomihisa Koshino - A Great Mentor

It is with great sadness that I share the passing of Professor Tomihisa Koshino.

He was small in size but a giant in orthopaedics. His contribution was in the era before we mastered the intricacies of joint replacement with implants designed with computers. Proximal tibial osteotomy was a popular procedure for varus osteoarthritis in the knee in the 80s when I was training. It was, and is still, known to have limited success over the long term. Professor Koshino however made it easier to obtain reliable results, hence increasing the popularity of the procedure.

I did not have the opportunity to operate with Professor Koshino but was greatly impressed by the clarity of his lectures and the elegant simplicity of his presentations. His stature was such that the lectures were often given in packed halls.

Professor Koshino will be greatly missed. His friendly face at WPOA/APOA meetings was one of the highlights of attendance. I am certain that his work will continue at Yokohama University and indeed be mirrored throughout the Asia Pacific region. We need more than just arthroplasty to solve our patient's knee problems. Thankfully, Prof. Koshino showed us a different way.

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Dr. David S.K. Choon


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